Sea of Trees (2014)

In 2004, 108 people took their own lives in Japan's Aokigahara forest; a seemingly endless maze of trees that lives in infamy among Japanese people as the most haunted place in the country. It is a beautiful place with trees grown-up upon ancient volcanic rock, ice caverns and a dense tree line that creates a deafeningly quiet and unnerving atmosphere. Since 1977 an average of 100 bodies have been found during each year's 'body hunt', the forest has quickly become the most popular suicide spot in Japan, and just second in the world to the United States of America's Golden Gate bridge. 


Before The Morning (2011)

Canberra’s younger generations congregate almost religiously in the city's center, Civic, every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night along what is a collective one-kilometer stretch of nightclubs, bars and kebab shops. It is a beacon of light to the social-lives of every young person in the dark and the silence that befalls the rest of the city at night.